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So many people ask me what the heck is an MDWRIGGS. So, I will give you a small breakdown so you can see how it came to be. Not that it matters, not that you are asking but I need SOMETHING to write in this section and so this is it. M is for Michelle :) Simple enough right? D is for my maiden name *unimportant really* WRIGGS is just a short nickname from my married last name. Those who know me will appreciate the shortened version because its a fun tricky last name to say and spell :) Thats it, there you have it.

THE BIGGER THE BETTER…..wanna see what I mean?

This lovely photographer has taken the time to create this post to show you just how big or small a picture can look.

I often have people tell me that they want to get a big picture for their wall and in the ordering process it comes to be that by “big” they mean an 8×10.

PLEASE PLEASE take the time to read this blog post …. it will give you some perspective.

I strongly believe that 8×10 and smaller make perfect DESK PRINTS.  But for a wall?  It will be swallowed up :(

Read ahead :)


OH!  And in keeping with my new blog…..bigger is better….here is a picture because a photographer really shouldn’t post a blog post without a picture.

Just one of my own :)

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