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So many people ask me what the heck is an MDWRIGGS. So, I will give you a small breakdown so you can see how it came to be. Not that it matters, not that you are asking but I need SOMETHING to write in this section and so this is it. M is for Michelle :) Simple enough right? D is for my maiden name *unimportant really* WRIGGS is just a short nickname from my married last name. Those who know me will appreciate the shortened version because its a fun tricky last name to say and spell :) Thats it, there you have it.

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A piece of the past | Here today, Gone tomorrow

Monday, July 28th, 2014

This is a farmhouse.  Built in the late 1800′s and sold to my aunt and uncle in 1980.  I remember being a young child, maybe about 12 years old.  I remember visiting my aunt and uncle and being intrigued by this house.  Somewhere between when I was 12 and now (never ask a lady her age, lol) they moved from this house and built another house on the same property but this old house remained the same.  A piece of furniture on the old farm.  A favourite rocking chair if you will, that maybe no one uses anymore but everyone has to stop and give a try.  OK, maybe not everyone, but I sure did/do :)

There are pieces of this house that I remember all too well.  Which says a lot because I was just a little girl and we only use to come visit once every year or two.  It wasn’t until 2005 that I moved here and began to see the old farmhouse more often.  I remember the cow skull my aunt kept at the front door, lol.  Strange but true. I just assume its what you do in the country :)

I remember the kitchen.  I remember where the kitchen table sat and I even have images of my aunt cooking up something in the kitchen.  I remember the cold storage room, I remember the wood beams in the living room. I also remember the large gaping hole between the upstairs and the living room that we as kids were told NEVER to play near.  (FYI, its still there)

I remember the old wooden steps up to the upstairs, the bedrooms, one in pink and one in blue.  Oddly, I do not recall the bathroom, lol.  This made me chuckle today as I walked through what was once a family home.

Dawn dragged me down (flip flops mind you) into the basement.  Not something I anticipate doing again any time soon.  I’m not sure what freaked me out more.  The mouse that scurried across the floor or the spider I was convinced ran up my sleeve.  In hindsight, I am happy I didn’t drop my camera.  I believe I may have been mistaken, lol.  I think it was a string from my sweater :)

Things about the property in general have changed a lot.  I remember a chicken coop in the back of the house.  There is also now more modern buildings, but in all this time the one constant has always been the old farmhouse.








A farmhouse that will slowly over the next couple of weeks, come down.

I plan to document it here.














Holly | Ottawa Valley Portrait Photographer

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Let me tell you a bit about Holly.  First of all, I think she is hilarious and sweet and kind.  I met Holly through the internet about a year ago when she emailed me to ask me if she could post a session she had done that looked like one of mine because we had used the same local public bridge.  It surprised me that she had contacted me because in all honesty, I do not own any public locations and she is free to do as she wishes.  I emailed her, thanked her for even thinking about it and said by all means, post what you have done.

Was I annoyed? Well, a little.  But not at her.  More annoyed at the lack of options.  This actually forced me to go and find private locations where I have exclusive permission to shoot.  This way I feel like no matter how much I feel like others try to mimic my style, or my locations … no one will have mine.  And NO ONE will ever have the same experience with someone else that they will have with me.  The reason? I’m me.  And they are them :)

Anyways, I got to thinking about how oversaturated Petawawa and surrounding area is with all the new photographers storming the scene, lol.  It seems like everyone wants to put up a business sign days after cracking open the manual to their new DSLR.  And while I agree that everyone starts SOMEWHERE, we all don’t jump in head first into a business venture.  Maybe its in our sights for the future but sadly many people open up shop within days or weeks of getting a new camera.  Before they even learn how to use it.  Which is sad but it also makes professional photographers get their backs up easily by such disregard for the industry as well as for our professional standards.

I’ve always pretty much kept to myself locally with regard to photography.  I’ve found a small group of photographers who I respect in this area and have made some wonderful friends in the process.  I had heard from Holly recently as she was interested in a photography 101 class that I teach.  Its not that Holly didn’t know her camera but she wanted MORE info.  More skills, more tricks, more tools and I was willing to sit down with Holly to help her learn.  I respect her desire to learn and her drive to be better.  I admire her will to want to improve and to value her work and her time.  This is why I chose to work with Holly.

So we had our first meeting and yes, she is a doll.  We probably met for a few hours and I truly believe she gained a lot of valuable information from our meeting and I can not wait to see her grow as a photographer.

A few days later, I had been talking to her and we were talking websites.  So she ended up coming over so we could go over her website and the first thing she clicked on was a picture of herself and her comment was ….. “eek, I have to change that”.  So downstairs we went to snap some pictures of Holly for her website.  Isn’t she just adorable!!!!!!



























































I look forward to seeing more from Holly :)

My message to her is to take the people who want to be critical and mean and rise above it.  Be better for yourself, learn more for yourself and be the best you can be for yourself and your future clients.  Value your time, value your work and value yourself.

You are worth it :)

Cheers !


A New Year | Ottawa Valley Portrait Photographer

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Happiest New Year to all of my friends, family and wonderful clients I have come to know in the past year.  2011 has been a great success for me professionally as well as personally and for that I am truly blessed.

2012 is the beginning of my 4th year in business in the Petawawa/Ottawa Valley area.  Each year brings on new challenges, new surprises and new love for what I do.  If I am not pushing myself to learn new things, I become bored.  This is FANTASTIC news for my clients because it means that I am growing as a photographer and able to offer a new perspective, new technique or just my own personal style to your photographs.  Style is something that is very important to me.   Its something that comes from within and if it has to be copied then it isn’t a personal style. Its just an interpretation of someone elses work.  Flattering and frustrating at the same time.

I have some fun things coming up in 2012.  I am attending a workshop that I have been anxious to attend for about three years.  I pick and choose my workshops carefully based on my style and what I love about photography.  I have attended 2 major workshops and I await my third coming up in the next two months.  I look forward to sharing my new skills with my past, current and future clients.

I’m so extremely grateful for all of the love and support I have been given by my family and friends.  If not for the patience of my husband I wouldn’t be doing this.  He knows all too well the countless hours of editing I put in at the computer.  My wonderful boys who although they think I’m “playing” on the computer … do understand that sometimes mom needs to take a few hours in the daytime to get some work done :)

I’ve put together a small picture.  “A Year in Pictures”.

I had an external and a computer crash earlier this year but I have one picture from most sessions on here.  If I’ve missed your family, it is likely because I have lost some older sessions.  It isn’t because I didn’t love you dearly :)

Wishing you all wonderful things in 2012 and I continue to appreciate all of your support for a successful 2012 for MDWRIGGS PHOTOGRAPHY.




I am often asked about my hours and I just wanted to elaborate.  I have a little boy who is still in school part time.  Once he begins school full time, I will open up more hours for sessions.  Currently from Spring to Fall, I generally book 4-6 weeks in advance.  Newborns are different as I am able to book daytime spots when my own babies are in school.  Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to the day where I can take on more frequent bookings.  At this time I will take on approx 1-2 sessions per week.


YOUR Sincerely Blessed Photographer :)

GIVE A SESSION … GET A SESSION | Ottawa Valley Photographer giving back

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011




















Do you know a family, a couple or anyone who deserves a FREE session?  Do you know someone who is in desperate need of some holiday cheer?

I have had the most wonderful three years as a Professional Photographer in the Upper Ottawa Valley.  I want to give back to two deserving families.

If you know someone who you feel should be nominated for a free session, please send me an email to: michelle@mdwriggsphotography.com

Entries will be received until December 18th, 2011.

Please email me with your nomination.  Please tell me a little bit about yourself, about the person/s you are nominating and why you feel that they should be selected for this free gift.

Once the winner is selected, they will receive an email from me with information about the session they have been given.

The person who NOMINATES the family who is selected will ALSO receive a free session in 2012.


Winner will receive:

Outdoor location or studio session in 2012

Approx 10 proofs in an online proofing gallery

AND a small print package with no further purchase necessary.

The person who nominates the winning family, will also receive the same thing :)


***Fine Print: Sessions MUST take place in 2012.  The two sessions will require advanced booking.  Dates may be limited based on my availability, which is why advanced booking is required.

No cash value, can not be redeemed for cash and can not be transferred.  The print package is predetermined.  Additional prints purchased will be available at regular 2012 pricing.


Email submissions to:  michelle@mdwriggsphotography.com



Complete non-photography blog post …. just because

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Arghhhh, its coming!!!!!  Fall is coming and with that comes school and hockey.  I’ve been saying for months now that I am looking forward to school and hockey starting because it means my life will slow down just a bit and now that i have time to sit and think things through, I may have been a little optimistic.  I’m super excited that Justin is starting Grade 3 in two short weeks but I have just loved having him home with me every day.  He has grown up so much this past year.  He is witty and funny.  Sarcastic and affectionate.  He is personable and helpful.  He is simply wonderful.  I’m so blessed that I am his mom.

Luke will be going into Sr. Kindergarten with Mrs. List.  She must have the patience of a Saint.  Although I’m a bit sad to see him back on the school bus, its only for half of the week so I will still get to have him home some.  lol (yes, I’m not outright saying that I will dreadfully miss him, go on … point that out, I know you’re thinking it).  I will say, I have spent a lot of one on one time with Lukey this summer and everytime I look at him, I do a double take and try to memorize where his body comes to on certain articles in my home.  My coffee table, my kitchen counter.  He is growing so fast and I want BOTH my children to just stop.  STOP!

I would take them at 5 and 8 and keep them here.

Along with school comes hockey.  I don’t think we’ve really had a break from hockey to be honest.  Our house league hockey carried into Viper Spring hockey… which moved into some ice time throughout the summer and a tournament here and there.  But I know within the next two weeks good ol’ evaluations will begin and with it will be multiple trips to the hockey arena.  A place I’ve grown to love :)  I remember sitting at a soccer tournament recently and thinking … you know … at least with hockey, you KNOW its a cold arena.  You dress accordingly.  End of story.  Soccer leaves you sitting outside in the blazing sun and heat while sweat drips from your entire body. ughhh.  I do love fall the best.

So, I just finished three weeks of work where I was spinning.  I’m finally feeling some relief as things start to slow down.  I’m all caught up and once again have time to breathe (and dance).  Apparently I dance when I am in a happy place and relaxed.  Visited my friend Trish (who has promised me that if she doesn’t start to see me more by OCTOBER, she is packing up and moving back to New Brunswick) and I think I spent the whole hour dancing in her living room with the kids.  Oh yes I did.  Windows were open too :)

Things are good and if I were to talk shop at all in this post it is just to say that I have had a few inquiries for October and I will be taking bookings at the start of September.

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer …



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