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So many people ask me what the heck is an MDWRIGGS. So, I will give you a small breakdown so you can see how it came to be. Not that it matters, not that you are asking but I need SOMETHING to write in this section and so this is it. M is for Michelle :) Simple enough right? D is for my maiden name *unimportant really* WRIGGS is just a short nickname from my married last name. Those who know me will appreciate the shortened version because its a fun tricky last name to say and spell :) Thats it, there you have it.

Archive: ‘Families’

A Personal Favourite Family of Mine | Ottawa Valley Family Photographer

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

The weather was just perfect for a sunny late afternoon session with one of my favourite families.  Its not often we see them outside of the hockey arena but they were all dressed and ready for whatever I had in mind for them.  When we first discussed a session, I TOTALLY wanted to take them to an arena and do their session on the ice.  I mean, really … it just makes sense.  I envisioned an arena ice surface, a beautiful settee at centre ice with the hockey net and scoreboard in the background.  Who wouldn’t love that hanging in their living room?

Clearly, this wasn’t going to happen because 1) no ice in town would be likely to let me do a session there on the ice and 2) its just too stinkin’ cold to do a whole session in there, and if I were being honest … I don’t have a beautiful settee.  *yet*

So we picked the date (months ago) and kept our fingers crossed that hockey would not interfere.  And all went according to plan.

Kate … always beautiful, Noah … quite the ladies man,  mom and dad *have I mentioned that I love these guys* managed to get through their family session with lots of smiles, silly faces and tickling.

A few to share …









And it just wouldn’t be right to photograph THIS particular family without at least SOME type of hockey themed picture.  Right? I mean … I thought it was funny.



Thank you once again, for picking MOI to photograph your family  :)

And I can not WAIT to come over and see them up on your walls.


Graduation Night | My neighbours

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Love my neighbours.

They are my all time favorite neighbours.  I mean, I’ve really quite enjoyed all my past neighbours to some extent but the Gauthiers … they’re just my faves.

So I jumped at the chance to get a few images of their oldest Chris and his lovely Girly friend Amelia.  And their friend Tyler :) as they were leaving for grad ceremony.

Graduation Day for J & J

Monday, July 25th, 2011

I had a great time meeting Joshua and Janessa (hope I spelled both of your names properly, I hate when people botch up my name, which is VERY easy to do with a last name like Wrigglesworth)

Janessa is very outgoing and didn’t mind having her picture taken in the least :)

Joshua … dare I say that he was doing it for his mom :)

Regardless, they are both stunning :) … and GRADUATES!

Peyton | Ottawa Valley Childrens Photographer

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Who knew we would still be fighting snow and wind at the beginning of April!  I sure didn’t.  We had our session booked in March but just kept having to push the dates due to snow and rain.  SO I was more than happy when we finally had some nice weather last weekend.

I had the pleasure to meet little Peyton.

The first thing I noticed about her (aside from her absolutely charming outfit . . . that would go perfectly with a mini version of my coach bag) was her eyes!  I knew they were stunning in person but when I had the opportunity to come home and upload her photos, what struck me the most was the glass-like reflection in her eyes!  I actually had to be careful in photoshop NOT to edit her eyes because on their own, they were so reflective.

Just gorgeous.

So here are a few from last weekend.  Hope you enjoy.



The family :)



Just love this one of mom and Peyton.



Look at those eyes!


A beautiful family on a gorgeous fall afternoon

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet another great family.  I LOVED this family because they reminded me a LOT of my own family.  Mom, Dad and two young boys (who love soccer balls and footfalls).  My children to a T.

I wanted to put a few up on the blog as soon as possible so here are a few :)

More to follow

A New Soul | Ottawa Valley Newborn Photographer

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

*sigh*  I just love babies.  First I have to be honest.  They make me sweat. It could be the initial temperature of the room itself but they really do make me work hard.  Little Jaxson was no exception.  He was cute as a button but he did NOT want to follow our sleeping plan … lol.  First of all, he sleeps with his eyes a bit open.  Which was completely adorable.  He was such a sweet, cute perfect little bundle.  I’m so excited to share a few pictures from our session.

I love families…

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Had a great time tonight shooting a fabulous family.   I’ve just started on the individual shots but I can’t wait to get going on the family images. You’ll see more of those ones in the gallery.  Hope you enjoy the peek.


Today Only: Rules go out the window

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

UGHHH, I hate sharing my favorite picture of a session.  But there is this part inside me.  The part that can’t wait to open Christmas gifts before the big day, which leaves me very happy at the START of December but kinda blah during all the hoopla of opening gifts.

Where was I?  Oh yes, I don’t like to share my favorite picture of a session because then when you show the gallery, its possible that the family will be let down.  Do you know what I’m saying?  Like, if I show my best, or in my eyes, my favorite, then it can only go down from there.

Anyways, I just wanted to share this one anyways….. because really……the ones that I like the best, aren’t usually the same as the ones the client likes the best.

So this is my last share of the session :)

Hopefully I’ll have a full gallery up in a day or so.


Practice does not make perfect…

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Yes, still struggling my way through my new blog format and its DRIVING ME SILLY!!!!  So, I’m sure no one will link to this but just in case I wanted to share one from tonights family session.

So Joanne if you do stumble across this, well, then I guess that you’ll see it :)


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