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So many people ask me what the heck is an MDWRIGGS. So, I will give you a small breakdown so you can see how it came to be. Not that it matters, not that you are asking but I need SOMETHING to write in this section and so this is it. M is for Michelle :) Simple enough right? D is for my maiden name *unimportant really* WRIGGS is just a short nickname from my married last name. Those who know me will appreciate the shortened version because its a fun tricky last name to say and spell :) Thats it, there you have it.

Archive: October, 2011

Beautiful girls | Ottawa Valley Family Photographer

Monday, October 31st, 2011

I wasn’t too sure what the weather was going to bring us but we got  lucky on this sunny almost warm … end of October day.

Was great to meet your family and it was an even better surprise that you managed to get EVERYONE home for the session.

Hope you enjoy :)  I’m still working on this session but wanted to put two up since I have them and I am trying to catch up on blog posts, lol





Love the last one best of all.  Makes me wish I had a sister *sigh*

Baby Bump to Newborn | Ottawa Valley Newborn Photographer

Monday, October 31st, 2011

I was so excited when I was able to fit in a session for Lisa and Tim.  We went to my all time favorite location and had some beautiful yummy light for this perfect maternity session.  Miss C is absolutely charming and MORE than thrilled to be a big sister.  Not long after our maternity session, Lisa and Tim welcomed baby Liam! And he is absolutely beautiful.   Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your new family :) Here are a few of my favorites from belly to baby :)









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