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So many people ask me what the heck is an MDWRIGGS. So, I will give you a small breakdown so you can see how it came to be. Not that it matters, not that you are asking but I need SOMETHING to write in this section and so this is it. M is for Michelle :) Simple enough right? D is for my maiden name *unimportant really* WRIGGS is just a short nickname from my married last name. Those who know me will appreciate the shortened version because its a fun tricky last name to say and spell :) Thats it, there you have it.

Archive: September, 2011

My Own Growing Boys | Ottawa Valley Childrens Photographer

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Sometimes I forget why I picked up a camera in the first place.  I’ve never regretted it, I just sometimes forget.  It started with the big brown dopey eyes of a Black Lab named Sarge.  Followed up with the big droopy eyes of an English Mastiff named Ruby.  They were quickly replaced by real babies, not that dogs aren’t real babies, they are.  I took SO many pictures when I had Justin, which turned into SO many pictures of Justin and Luke.

I use to take the most useless pictures.  Them sitting, them watching tv.  The zombie stares when they got tired, the milk running down their faces … the chocolate piled around their mouth … evidence that they got into something they were not suppose to.  Stuff toys, holding stuffed toys … playing with new cars.  Wrestling, cuddling, just staring out the window.  I photographed it all.  Then somewhere about three years ago … I found other things to photograph.  Other people in their moments.   The more sessions I took on, the more I put the camera away when I wasn’t out photographing for others.  The more missed photo opportunities on my own end.  I don’t resent it at ALL.  I just wish I remembered to pull out my camera more often when I’m just kicking around the house.

Today after school, I took my boys for haircuts.  Dragged them out to my favorite spot to get a few shots of them growing up.  Made me a little sad.  And also a little more aware that I need to remember to capture their moments.  Years down the road, all you have to show others is the photographs you have taken.  Proof that those times did exist.  I can share my memories of their childhood as they get older but nothing tells a story like a picture.

So today, I made some memories of that time when they were 8 and 5.





Adding one more to this set of pictures …

My dad with Justin and Luke.  He was the worst one to control.


A Personal Favourite Family of Mine | Ottawa Valley Family Photographer

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

The weather was just perfect for a sunny late afternoon session with one of my favourite families.  Its not often we see them outside of the hockey arena but they were all dressed and ready for whatever I had in mind for them.  When we first discussed a session, I TOTALLY wanted to take them to an arena and do their session on the ice.  I mean, really … it just makes sense.  I envisioned an arena ice surface, a beautiful settee at centre ice with the hockey net and scoreboard in the background.  Who wouldn’t love that hanging in their living room?

Clearly, this wasn’t going to happen because 1) no ice in town would be likely to let me do a session there on the ice and 2) its just too stinkin’ cold to do a whole session in there, and if I were being honest … I don’t have a beautiful settee.  *yet*

So we picked the date (months ago) and kept our fingers crossed that hockey would not interfere.  And all went according to plan.

Kate … always beautiful, Noah … quite the ladies man,  mom and dad *have I mentioned that I love these guys* managed to get through their family session with lots of smiles, silly faces and tickling.

A few to share …









And it just wouldn’t be right to photograph THIS particular family without at least SOME type of hockey themed picture.  Right? I mean … I thought it was funny.



Thank you once again, for picking MOI to photograph your family  :)

And I can not WAIT to come over and see them up on your walls.



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