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So many people ask me what the heck is an MDWRIGGS. So, I will give you a small breakdown so you can see how it came to be. Not that it matters, not that you are asking but I need SOMETHING to write in this section and so this is it. M is for Michelle :) Simple enough right? D is for my maiden name *unimportant really* WRIGGS is just a short nickname from my married last name. Those who know me will appreciate the shortened version because its a fun tricky last name to say and spell :) Thats it, there you have it.

Archive: July, 2011

Molly | Ottawa Valley Childrens Photographer

Monday, July 25th, 2011

I am telling you, I love her eyes.  Not only is she sweet and smiley (even if she did resist a bit), she is ADORABLE with the biggest roundest eyes.  She was one session that I smiled while editing from start to finish because her eyes were SO big and so full of happiness and curiosity.

And sometimes a little contempt for the hair bow.  Just sayin’.

Happy First Birthday Molly :)



Owen Turns Two | Ottawa Valley Childrens Photographer

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Owen is another sweet little boy I met when he was only 9 months old.  His mom has become a dear friend of mine because she shares the same neurotic passion for photographing her child as I do my very own.  LOVE her to pieces.

If she ever moves out of Ontario, I am going to have to follow her just so I can continue to take photos of Owen.  Even though mom does a pretty darn good job herself.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet owen when he was 9 months old, 12 months old and 2 years old.  Each time has been my pleasure.

I can be crazy Aunt Michelle :)

Sweet Elizabeth has turned ONE | Ottawa Valley Childrens Photographer

Monday, July 25th, 2011

I LOVE when I get to take pictures of a baby growing up.  I met Nicole and Steve when they were expecting Elizabeth and we did a maternity session as well as a newborn session.  So this is my third time working with their family and I loved them this time as much as I did last time :)
Elizabeth is beautiful and her mom chose JUST the right outfit if I do say so myself :)

Happy First Birthday Elizabeth!

Graduation Night | My neighbours

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Love my neighbours.

They are my all time favorite neighbours.  I mean, I’ve really quite enjoyed all my past neighbours to some extent but the Gauthiers … they’re just my faves.

So I jumped at the chance to get a few images of their oldest Chris and his lovely Girly friend Amelia.  And their friend Tyler :) as they were leaving for grad ceremony.

Graduation Day for J & J

Monday, July 25th, 2011

I had a great time meeting Joshua and Janessa (hope I spelled both of your names properly, I hate when people botch up my name, which is VERY easy to do with a last name like Wrigglesworth)

Janessa is very outgoing and didn’t mind having her picture taken in the least :)

Joshua … dare I say that he was doing it for his mom :)

Regardless, they are both stunning :) … and GRADUATES!

What I’ve been up to | Ottawa Valley Photography

Monday, July 25th, 2011

My attempt to catch up PART II

I will try to do this in the order that they were taken :)

First I had the honor of photographing Will.  Will was born to Brandi and Mike :) I love me a BOURQUE baby :)
Here is the newest addition to their family :)

Ottawa Valley Photographer DROPS THE BOMB on blogging :)

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Oh boy.  I’ve been horrible!

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing families and children this summer and I have yet to blog very many.  I’m so sorry!  So here is my attempt of blogging them all into one :)

First lets begin with Caleb since he was the last little smiling eyes I looked into while editing.  Full of smiles and curiosity.  He is such a sweet little boy. I will do separate blog posts for each session since they are all uniquely adorable :)


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